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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Calling All SciFi Geeks!

The newest edition to BBC America's Supernatural Saturday lineup is "Outcasts". BSG alum Jamie Bamber must have been longing for space after four seasons in present day London on "Law & Order: UK". He returns along with Eric Mabius who you'll recognize from "Ugly Better" or possibly the first season of "The L Word". Damn you Jenny for running Tim out of town!!!

The year is 2040. Earth has become uninhabitable. A group of pioneers settle on the planet Carpathia in a city they call Forthaven. In the pilot, President Richard Tate commands the wife of Expeditionary Mitchell Hoban (Bamber) to spy on him. With good reason, he was planning a coup. The wife, Karina is found nearly dead. Hoban freaks out and figures he's better off on the lam with their young son Linus. Now security officers Fleur and Cass are ordered to track him. Pres. Tate is supported by the Head of Protection and Security, Stella Isen (Hermione Norris). She's a hardass, but we see her vulnerability in her desperation to hear from her family still on Earth.

There's a transporter on it's way to Carpathia with the last of the surviving humans from Earth. Isen is hoping her family made it on to the ship. Mabius is VP of the Evacuation Program and is on his way to Forthaven, that is if the transporter can make it. It seems they're having a bit of car trouble.

I like the direction and the score, but the scenes shot inside Forthaven are too light. There's not enough contrast. It's almost distracting. Many of the actors and characters very likable. I'm very interested to know what Hoban knows about Tate and Isen. If you were a fan of "Survivors", "Being Human", "Primeval", "Doctor Who" or "Battlestar Galactica", you should give this one a try. The previews for next week look veeeeerryyyy dramatic.

Stay Tuned...I will.

Saturdays at 9pm on BBC America


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