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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dancing the Summer Away

The one exception to my no reality TV rule, is "So You Think You Can Dance" or SYTYCD. I picked this show up at the beginning of season 2 when the commercials of dancers literally falling on their faces forced me to tune in. The auditions were so ridiculously funny that I just kept watching. But just because I watch SYTYCD, doesn't mean we can chat about "Dancing with the Stars". I love SYTYCD because they are mostly trained dancers or street dancers busting their asses, not celebrities looking to make a comeback.

I skipped the auditions this year. They get longer and longer each season. Last night was the episode announcing the top 20 for season 8. There have been many changes over the last few seasons and this year is no different.

First off, we're back in a studio. The Kodak Theater stage was very limiting. It was frustrating to watch these dancers seem so confined. The studio stage is a better space to perform in. Some of the best routines included the stairs and catwalks.

Secondly, they returned to delivering the best/worst news of these young dancers lives via the green mile. Last year, the judges drove to the houses to tell the top 30 or so dancers if they were in or not. Sooooo uncomfortable that I fast forwarded through it all. Imagine a celebrity like Debbie Allen coming to your house and telling you that you're not good enough for the show in front of your whole family with cameras on you. That would totally suck.

Thirdly, we're back to the top 20. Last season, they experimented with the All Stars (former contestants returning to partner with current contestants). With the added dancers, they cut the contestants down to 10. I reeeeaaaally didn't like this. The compromise this year was to have a top 20 and bring the All Stars back when they get down to 10. I guess I can live with that.....like I'd stop watching anyway.

So, who are the judges this year? Of course Mr. Nigel Lythgoe is back as resident judge and he's accompanied by Mary Murphy after missing season 7 while she was battling cancer. I'm very happy that Mary is healthy, but I can't say that I'm glad she's back. That woman gets on my nerves! Can we please derail the fricken' Hot Tamale Train already? The guest judges really don't impress me this year. Tyce Diorio is the only guest judge that I like. Last season ballroom choreographer Toni Redpath bugged me. She had nothing that say that I cared to hear. Do we need another ballroom judge in Jason Gilkison? Lil' C...there are no words or maybe way too many. The newest addition to the show is Robin Antin of the Pussycat Dolls. If you could see my face as I type Pussycat Dolls you'd know exactly how excited I am about that. I'll give you a hint....NOT AT ALL! I miss you Mia Michaels and Wade Robson!!!!!!!!!! But I can't forget the most delightful host on television, Ms. Cat Deeley.

Sooooo, down to last night's episode. As the top 20 were announced, groups of the newest contestants performed routines. I really enjoyed the first, created by Canadian Contemporary Choreographer Stacey Tookey. Contemporary is my FAVORITE style of dance. The Hip Hoppers did a pretty cool routine choreographed by Dave Scott. Looks like we might have some good poppers this year. Although I love Sonya Tayeh, her jazz number wasn't the best I've seen from her. Glad she's back this season. She brings a much needed edge to the show. I stopped paying attention during the ballroom and tap numbers. Just don't care. Really? Two tappers?

Had a smile on my face watching a routine by one of the best up an coming contemporary choreographers who just happens to be my favorite SYTYCD contestant of all time, second season runner up Travis Wall. I heart you Travis. As Cat said, it was joyful. More awesomeness with Legion of Extraordinary Dancers choreographer hitting us with a hip hop routine for all the guys. Side note (in this very long post) if you haven't checked out LXD, youtube them! I saved the three hour long Academy Awards ceremony on my DVR for over a year when they performed to the nominated scores. The Geisha girls were iiiinnnnteresting....let's just leave it at that. Tyce brought home the show with a great routine for all 20 dancers.

So, sorry for the unusually lengthy post, but I LOVE THIS SHOW! Thanks for reading if you stuck with me. Leave me some comments with your favorite dancers, choreographers and judges.

Wed & Thurs at 8pm on Fox

www.fox.com/dance - you can see all the performances from last night

Stay Tuned....

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