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Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Television - *My 100th Post*

I can't believe that this is my 100th blog post! It's been just over nine months since I decided to inflict my thoughts about television on you fine readers. Thanks by the way for reading my gibberish.

You may not know this, but we're approaching television's 70th birthday. Not the invention, but the anniversary of the first licensed broadcast. What did people do before TV? I'm well aware that I watch waaaaaay more than the average person, but imagine if it never existed....

How would we spend our evenings? Until I left for college, I thought everyone spent the primetime hours in front of a television set. It never occurred to me that you could do other things, because that's what you did in my house.

How would you get breaking news. Well this is more relevant to pre-internet times (i.e. my childhood). Without TV, no one would have known/cared about the O.J. chase.

How would you bond with your co-workers who you have nothing else in common with? Think about how much water cooler talk is about TV and if you'd talk to the weirdos about anything else.

How else would you know about the Showtime Rotisserie Machine or the Sham Wow? There are some pretty cool products advertised on television. Plus, infomercials are a great way to cure insomnia. And think about all those agouraphobes that can still enjoy shopping.

What would you arrange the furniture in the living room around? Have you ever moved into a new apartment or house and not set up the living room based on where the TV would go? I guess we'd have to sit and look at each other. AWWWWWWWKK-WARRRRRD.

My passion for television is a result of my enjoyment/yearning for stories. I'm a visual person, so I'd much rather see a tale play out than just read or hear it. A series allows you to invest in characters more interesting or different than yourself. You can see the world and learn just about anything. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate how addictive TV can be. It can totally hinder your social well being if you let it. You've figured out that this is my problem, right? In any case, it makes me happy. So thank you to all those scientists that made sitting on your ass in your underwear while watching a marathon of "Battlestar Galactica" possible. We are grateful for your contribution to science and society.

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