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Monday, June 6, 2011

"The Killing" is Killing Me....It's Sooo Good!

This week's episode of "The Killing" was a complete departure from the investigation of Rosie Larsen's murder. Instead, Linden and Holder spend the day looking for Jack, Linden's son who's missed three days of school. This ep entitled Missing was the best overall episode. Others have had great performances and scenes, but this was the best as a whole.

Usually we see cop partners after they've been together for a while. They've always got that bond, that I've got your back no matter what goes down, no matter how bad it is thing. It's rare that we as the audience get to see how that bond came to be. I think we saw a little of that in this episode. Watching Holder completely be there for Linden is so sweet. He's seeking forgiveness for the bad he did when he was using. Holder is doing his best to make amends. It's heartbreaking to listen to him leave message after message on his sister's answering machine with no response. A man that really wants a family is incredibly endearing. It's like he's a baby bird that I want to nurse back to health...if I didn't hate/wasn't terrified of birds.

My fellow couch critic/roommate Beth had an insight that has been right in front of me from the beginning. "The characters are just as much of a puzzle as the actual crime." We could feel it coming when it was revealed that Holder had gotten hooked on meth when he was undercover. There's been just as much of a cloud over Linden. When she finally starts sharing with Holder, we find out that her mother abandoned her at the age of five. Another revelation is that Reggie's relationship to Linden is as her social worker.

No child can appreciate the pain a mother goes through when she believes a son is missing...let alone while she's investigating the kidnap and murder of a teenage girl. But Holder had the right idea..."kick his ass".....

Only two more episodes left this season. I haven't heard any news that the series has been picked up for a second season, but I'd definitely be down to watch Linden and Holder solve another case. There's a quiet intensity about this show that immediately drew me in and kept me coming back. Some people have been hating on "The Killing" saying that the pacing is too slow. Guess what, a murder investigation takes more than 42 minutes. What do you think? Are you enjoying the Danish influence?

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