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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SYTYCD: Week 1 - Top 20

Let's start with the obvious. Travis Wall is a genius. I've said before and you'll read it every time he choreographs something new. His choice of a powerful remix of a heartbreaking Sarah McLachlan song was brilliant. I would have put Sascha and Alex up first because although I like Afro-Jazz, Jordan and Tadd were a little lack luster for me.

Melanie and Marko. They are the real deal. I agree with Nigel. Melanie is Queen Beast. Travis blew me away for the second time tonight in this breathtaking number set to a gorgeous Ingrid Michaelson song. With nearly every dance he creates, Travis brings a tear to my eye.

Tyce's Broadway number was good, but not sure that I like either of those dancers. You can't get more Broadway than Jess. That could be annoying. Hope he can do some other styles. Clarice just doesn't stand out to me.

SYTYCD made a wonderful choice in bringing on LXD choreographer Christopher Scott. I'm not the biggest fan of hip hop. I used to groan every time a NappyTabs routine came on screen, but I love Scott's style. Ryan and Ricky, two contemporary dancers did pretty darn well out of their element. Ricky could be a favorite for me, we'll see. The Forget You routine with Ashley and Chris was cute, but a bit fluffy.

Sensational Sonya! She brings it again with a powerful routine for Caitlynn and Mitchell who ended up having to sit out due to an elbow injury. Season 7's Robert stepped in and if you ask me, he out-danced her. He portrayed much more strength than Caitlynn despite her being the actual contestant. I even went back and watched it a second time and my eye still went to Robert. Based on his 8 second autobiography and rehearsal tape, I'd be just fine if Mitchell were the first boy to leave.

Although it didn't feel very Latin, Jason Gilkison created a very energetic number well performed by Miranda and Robert. As Megan said, it was a delight. The retro feel of the costumes and the fast footwork made it F.U.N. Jason's second number with Iveta and Nick had the same fun element, but when you put the Quickstep to Ballroom Blitz, it's still the Quickstep. :(

One of aspects of this show that I love is the music (not all of it mind you). Sometimes, it can introduce me to or remind me of songs that I adore. It makes me want to go out an buy it. When Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts was danced to last summer, I immediately logged onto iTunes. Tonight, I must download In For The Kill by La Roux

I am digging the fact that you can now vote via text and online. When you vote online, you can even have it published on Facebook, so everyone knows who your favorite dancers are. Honestly, I stopped voting a few seasons back because I couldn't get through...ever. I HAVE A VOICE AGAIN! You can bet I'll be voting for just about anything Travis does.

Stay Tuned....and check back tomorrow for my comments on the results show.

P.S. No one got a ticket for the Hot Tamale Train. Maybe it did get derailed. *knock on wood* If it didn't, I nominate Cat. She looked HOT in sparkly black mini.


This is a competition! Send someone home! I can't stand it when they don't cut anyone. I think that the judges didn't agree with America so they decided to out vote us. Not cool, Nigel. Not cool.

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