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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Awkward. Wait, is this show about me?

I haven't watched a series on MTV since season 3 of "The Real World" (yes I realize that was about a million years ago), but just for you I gave their newest edition a shot. "Awkward." is about the trials and tribulations of high schooler Jenna Hamilton. I like her already.

Creator Lauren Iungerich penned the pilot episode in which Jenna loses her virginity to a jerk.... at camp, receives a mysterious letter on how to not be invisible anymore and then has a horrible accident in which everyone thinks she tried to kill herself. Despite all that, she follows the instructions in the letter and goes from invisible girl to that girl.

Now I know that I am not the primary demographic, but I like it. It does however make me scared to become a parent. Watching these teen shows makes me realize how different my kids' childhood is going to be from mine. It's down right terrifying. Call me a prude or conservative, whatever, To me, this is not for young teenagers, but the slightly older who can appreciate it. The writing was more sophisticated than I expected. Of course teenagers don't really talk like that, but it wasn't all Dawson's Creek-y. As an MTV show, it makes sense that music is highlighted. Artist and song title pop up at the bottom of the screen and all music info can be found on the website. All in all, it's worth a second watch.

If you missed it, there are encores for the rest of the week. Check your local listings (I've always wanted to say/write that). Full episodes are also available online.


Tuesdays at 11pm on MTV

Stay Tuned...

P.S. If you try to look this show up on IMDb, it's listed under This is Awkward and the status is post production.

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