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Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Outnumbered" Was Underwhelming

Just checked out BBC America's newest edition to The Ministry of Laughs, "Outnumbered". The series, created by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jerkin follows the daily life of a South London family. Sue and Pete definitely have their hands full. Jake is eleven and too big for his britches. He may not be a teenager yet, but he sure acts like it. Ben is a hyperactive eight year old that also happens to be a pathological liar. Cute little Karen is a five year old with lots of uncomfortable questions. In addition to the craziness at home, Pete teaches history at an inner city public school and Sue is a part time personal assistant.

In this first episode, it's Jake's first day at a new school and he doesn't want to be late. Fat chance of that when his younger brother is searching for a show-and-tell item (items include: Dad's laptop, an old fashioned radio and a power drill). Of course he's lying that show-and-tell is today. Sue can't find her keys and Karen has head lice. Too bad there's no time for a delousing this morning. So off to school they go. Cut to evening in the Brockman home. Jake avoids all questions regarding his new school. Sue picks nits (British lice) out of Karen's hair and Ben kicks a ball around the house.

I really felt like I was supposed to like it, but the Brockman family didn't seem funnier than any other. The one thing I thought was funny was how the parents keep blaming the kid with lying problem for things he didn't do. My guess/hope is that it gets better since they are actually in their third series (that's season for us Americans) and they've won several awards. I've also read/Chris Hardwick said that there is a lot of improv incorporated into the show. Maybe the first episode was more scripted than those that follow. *Fingers crossed* I'll give it another couple of episodes, but we'll see. It didn't grab me right off. Anyone else seen it? Please tell me it gets better.

Saturdays at 11:00pm on BBC America


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