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Sunday, July 10, 2011

True Blood Boiling

After much prodding, in the last few months I begrudgingly gave "True Blood" a try. As you might have noticed, I do love my supernatural elements, but there was something about this show that turned me off in its first three seasons. I decided to give it a shot as it is a favorite of several of my friends. Most fans seem to be obsessed and I was expecting to hate it, so it was a bit of a surprise when I found it to be so-so. Although I've kept watching, it just doesn't get my juices flowing the way it does everyone else (OK, except for when Eric is shirtless).

Tonight's episode written by creator Alan Ball, If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? was in my opinion, the best of the series to date. Let's start out with the fact that my favorite character Eric Northman who is usually super cool and cold is an innocent little boy lost at the opening. I was downright giddy. He was so cute and childlike, a complete 180 from his badass 1,000 year old self. A nice change up, Mr. Ball.

Moving on, you've got Sam flirting with a much missed Tara (big surprise). Their "relationship" used to bother me, but now I like them together. Too bad Tara doesn't like boys anymore. Jason is still tied to a bed and having very bad things done to him by crazy panther people. Sookie visits Alcide (it's getting a little hot in here). Tommy is attempting to con his way through Bon Temps, Bill rejects advances by his lawyer, Lafayette gets himself kidnapped (AGAIN!) and Jess comes clean with Hoyt. That's one jam packed episode. I usually start to get a little bored at some point, but not tonight. I truly hope that we get to see much more of memory free Eric. It makes me very happy.

My roommate/fellow couch critic warned me that each season/book is better than the last. I disagree with that, but this has been the best episode so far. Let's hope this is the best season to date.

Who is your favorite character?

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