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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will You Be Attending "Friday Night Dinner"?

Last night was the BBC's Ministry of Laughs premiere of "Friday Night Dinner". Created and written by Robert Popper ("The Inbetweeners", "Peep Show", "The IT Crowd") the show is about the weekly dinners of a British family that although they are Jewish, not in the strictest sense. With "The Inbewteeners" ending last week, I was overjoyed to see Simon Bird (Will) still in the line up. He plays eldest son Adam who is a musician but pays the bills writing jingles. Adam's practical joke loving brother Jonny is played by newcomer Tom Rosenthal. Paul Ritter is Martin, the patriarch with a hearing aid and shirt phobia. I was very excited to see that Mum Jackie is played by Tamsin Greig (most recently seen in "Episodes"). To top off a great cast, neighbor Jim is none other than Mark Heap (Simon Pegg fans like moi will remember him as Brian in "Spaced").

In the first episode, Dad has a problem down his pants, Adam's first jingle is about to air on the radio and Jonny keeps sending horrifying texts to Adam from Mum's phone. I LOVED IT! If you've seen the promos over the last few weeks, you probably figured as I did that it was going to be a smash. It may be a family show, but there is a youthful, hip feel (I'm quite aware how old that statement made me sound, thank you).

I liked the opening title sequence which used some cool graphics and a dancey version what I think was Miike Snow's Animal. It was reminded me of the opening titles for "The Inbetweeners" but brighter and only slightly less catchy. This first episode was great because there were no gimmicks, it was just plain funny. Let's face it, we all have embarrassing parents, it's just a matter of how embarrassing. The Goodman boys love their Mum and Dad, but I wouldn't blame them if they didn't want to be seen in public with them, well Dad anyway. Jackie's not that bad, a typical mom. But she does have a problem giving to charity...or maybe it's because creepy neighbor Jim is doing the fundraising. Who knows.

Good job BBC America on slipping in a new show to hold off my Inbetweeners withdrawals. Not an easy task. Check out this clip and stay tuned Fridays at 11:30pm on BBC America.

Bloody Knee - Season 1 - Friday Night Dinner - Video - BBC America

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Lauren S. said...

I LOVE the IT Crowd. Is that ever coming back?