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Monday, September 19, 2011

It's the Odd Couple with Chics! 2 Broke Girls

Apparently Whitney Cummings should stick to creating shows because "2 Broke Girls" was instantly funnier that "Whitney" which she stars in. Kat Dennings (40 Year Old Virgin and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) plays Max, a sharp tongued, street smart, no nonsense waitress. She waits tables at a scuzzy diner in Brooklyn where the newest staff member, Caroline is a down and out uptown girl. These two broke girls couldn't be more opposite, I know.... shocking. After Max comes around to Caroline's charms, the two decide to go into business together....well to raise money to go into business together. I'm sure shenanigans will ensue as these unlikely pals attempt to work multiple jobs, including nanny-ing for a real housewife that named her children Brad and Angelina. Yup.

Aside from the cheesiness of being filmed in front of a studio audience, it's actually pretty funny. The dialogue is razor sharp (with a the exception of a "tender" moment toward the end). Max says everything I wish I was clever enough to say in the moment including putting a couple of hipsters in their place. The characters are quirky and likable for the time being. I'll definitely give this one a chance. Check it out Mondays at 9:30 on CBS.

P.S. There's a horse involved.

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