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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Girl is Simply Adorkable

Let me start by saying that I wasn't clever enough to come up with "Simply Adorkable". Some creative copywriter over at Fox probably did. I saw it on the site and loved it. Ok, now on to the post. If you want to get a jump on Fox's new comedy series "New Girl", go to Hulu.com this week to watch the first episode. Already expecting to like this show, I loved it! Zooey Deschanel is quirkly and lovable (as usual) in her role as Jess, a recently single girl moving in with three guys she met on craigslist. Her new roomies have to adjust to a lady in the house, but they soon fall for her charms. And by charms, I mean her Lord of the Rings references, horrible sense of fashion and tendency to make up theme songs about herself. Ok, so maybe lady wasn't the right word.

Jess' roommates are Nick, Schmidt and Winston. After only one ep, I'm already super crushing on Nick. He was dumped six months ago, so can totally relate to Jess. He's compassionate and mature. Just what Jess needs in her life right about now. Schmidt on the other hand has inspired one of my favorite things in the show, The Douchebag Jar. That's right, after every douchey thing he says or does, he has to put a dollar into the jar (it's always full). LOVE IT! That could totally come in handy.

In the pilot episode, one of the roommates is Coach, played by Damon Wayans Jr. Since "Happy Endings" was picked up for a second season, he wasn't able to do the show. I wish there was a way he could have done both. I'm loving this guy. Cuter than his father and definitely has the family funny gene. From what I can tell on Fox.com, Coach is replaced by a similar character that is a former athlete, also played by a tall, bald, African America man in his late twenties. But not the same character? I'm a little confused. Guess I'll figure it out when I see the second episode. Jess is also supported by her best friend Cece, who happens to be a model. Not sure if we'll meet her mom, but sounds like they're close. She knew after a break up, Jess would be watching Dirty Dancing on repeat. It's like we're the same person!

I am really excited about this show. Normally endearing isn't a word you'd use to describe a comedy, but this one totally is. Part of me feels like Jess and the other part wants to take care of her. Although it's unlikely in real life, it's sweet that these boys (who are basically strangers) want to be her guides.

In the pilot (and yes I know it's just a pilot) the characters are all very well written, funny but with loads with room to grow. There is a great dynamic among the cast. I imagine they all have fun on set. There is a bright tone that gives the viewer a hopeful feeling. Jess will get through this breakup and come out the other side with three new best friends....and hijinks will occur in the meantime. So I highly encourage you to check out "New Girl" on Fox Tuesdays at 9pm starting Sept 20th. But you can see the pilot on Hulu.com right now.

P.S. Don't forget to start your own Douchebag Jar. We've all got on in our lives. Why not profit?

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