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Monday, October 10, 2011

Do You Feel "Enlightened"?

Mike White and Laura Dern are co-creators of the latest HBO comedy "Enlightened". Dern plays an executive in the health and beauty industry who after having an affair with her boss, has a super embarrassing meltdown in the office. Broken Amy Jellicoe heads to Hawaii where she learns to meditate and swim with sea turtles. Cut to three months later and Amy is blackmailing her way back into her old company...with the best of intentions.

Luke Wilson is Levi, Amy's drug addicted ex-husband. It seems that despite the divorce, Amy and Levi still have some sort of relationship...but she draws the line at snorting blow on the coffee table. This should be good. Her slightly cold and distant mom is played by Dern's real life mother, Diane Ladd. Imagine the possible drama on that set. Amy is staying at her mom's while she gets herself back on her feet. I love everything about the house from the rainbow painting in the living room to the plastic plants and fake grass.

So, Amy is back at work. Will her co-workers be able to tolerate the new her? It will be fun tuning in to see. I really enjoyed it. A breakdown is almost always amusing and Amy's was particularly so. If you don't believe me, just look at the billboards and bus banners documenting the worst day of her life (or just scroll up). The premiere was well written by and directed by Mike White. The score, written by veteran composer Mark Mothersbaugh was terrific. Light, yet soulful. Plus, they use the Regina Spektor song Human of the Year. Very nice. The best part about it is that Amy is relatable. She's real. There have been days where I've felt like I was on the edge. The same edge that Amy jumped/fell from. Wonder if I would have come back as the picture of tranquility. Probably not.

Check out "Enlightened", Mondays at 9:30 on HBO, right after "Bored to Death".

Sunday, October 9, 2011

See the Original After the Failed Remake- Free Agents

On Saturday night, BBC America premiered the original "Free Agents" on which the recently cancelled American version was based. The pilot was nearly the exact same script swapping out the overly British-y words and phrases for ones Americans who don't watch BBC can understand. The original is far more dirty than the remake (and the remake was pretty filthy for NBC standards). I thought the Americanized series was ok, it had potential. Now that I've seen the original, I've realized that it's somewhat better. The only problem is that there are so many words (curse and those I don't consider to be) bleeped out. At times, it's distracting as the characters tend to spew foul comment after foul comment.

Freshly divorced and chronic crier Alex is played by Stephen Mangan who most recently was seen as in Showtime's "Episodes". Ironic that in "Episodes" he was British television writer adapting his show for an American audience only to have it suck? That's funny because as mentioned above, the American version of "Free Agents" was cancelled after only 3 eps aired.

His coworker and "bed buddy" (this is a clean blog, people) is Helen, fellow talent agent at CMA. Irish actress Sharon Horgan is a grieving fiancee attempting to drink her way through the pain of her young betrothed's death.

Anthony Head (Giles to you "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fans) is Alex and Helen's sexually charged boss Stephen. Frankly it's a miracle that he hasn't been sued for harassment with his behavior, but makes for funny television. Head even reprised his role in the American production. Hope he didn't sign a lease.

The opening titles are cute and the main characters have good (not great) chemistry. Unfortunately, the supporting characters are not as humorous as their American counterparts. If you like the NBC show, give this one a try. It's not a huge commitment since the U.K. original only lasts one season which is six episodes (average length of a British season or series as they call it). So, I'll keep watching as it's a total 3 hours out of my life and there are a few laughs, but the first two episodes didn't blow me away. Not sure if the more recent go of it affected my judgement though.

Saturdays at 11pm on BBC America. Part of the Ministry of Laughs.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My TV Family

Who hasn't watched a show or a movie, fallen in love with a character and though "I wish she was my big sister" or "if only he was my dad"? Well I've created version one of my television family. If I could cherry pick each member from one of my favorite shows, here's who I'd be related to.....(warning: this is subject to change)

Dad - This was the hardest choice for me, so it's the only category with a tie. I can't decide between Ned Stark from "Game of Thrones" and Leroy Jethro Gibbs from "NCIS". Not sure why I picked two dudes with funky hair. If you don't like the tie, think of Ned as being my dad and Gibbs as my step dad. I have a feeling that both of them would scare the hell out of any dates daring enough to pick me up at home (weapons aside).
Both have that protector quality that all little girls need and want. Ned encourages his children in their interests however gender inappropriate they may be (for the time period) and doesn't abandon his bastards. He's a good guy like that. Gibbs may not always say what he's feeling, but his actions speak louder than words. Just ask Abby Sciuto.

Mom - Camille from "Parenthood". She seems to have it all together in the mom department. As matriarch of the Braverman clan, Camille knows when to back off and let her kids and grand kids make their own mistakes and when to intervene. She's always got a shoulder for you to cry on and a hot cup of tea waiting. Don't get me wrong, she's not perfect. There was the whole affair thing, but that's what makes her real. (I'm not crazy, I know she's not an actual person)

Big Brother - Seeley Booth from "Bones". I've always wanted a big brother. One that is dependable, protective and always has my back. Can't get much better than Booth in that area. Just imagine a teenage Seeley taking up for his little sister. For some reason, the visual in my head is of him wearing a letterman jacket. Not surprising that he followed in Dad's footsteps working for the government and going off to war (see how that works for either dad?!).

Big Sister - Lily from "How I Met Your Mother". We'd be close in age, but she's a little older, giving me lots of advice. In this parallel universe, I'm also small enough that we could share clothes and shoes. Hanging out with her and her husband Marshall is super fun. Can't wait for my little niece or nephew to arrive.

Husband - Jim from "The Office". We'd been friends for ages, but it was only a couple of years ago that he told me how he felt. I felt the same way! It wasn't long before we were planning a wedding and now we've got a beautiful baby.

Daughter - Hope from "Raising Hope". Seriously the cutest baby on television....and so well behaved. Always smiling and looking just over my shoulder, that is when she's not playing with the dog. She loves to woof at them.

Now that you all think I'm officially crazy, what would my TV family and I watch if we all sat down in front of the TV together? Any suggestions?

Who would your TV family be?

P.S. I'm in the process of picking out my extended family in my head and I see Supernatural's Bobby Singer as a grumpy uncle. Don't you think he'd make a good addition?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Five Reasons I like "Terra Nova" (So far...)

Finally got a chance to catch up with the pilot of "Terra Nova". Monday nights are gonna be packed this fall, however you should check out this new series. If you haven't seen it, Earth is dying. Scientists find a fracture in time and a new settlement is created 85 million years in the past. Sounds stupid, but I really enjoyed it, much to my surprise. Here's why...

1. Gorgeously shot in Australia, this series is stunning to the eye. No expense was spared in the multi multi muliti million dollar pilot (they're saying upwards of $20 mil). Risky, but if the story grabs us, it could my visual substitute for "Lost".

2. The men. Love Jason O'Mara. He doesn't have the best luck with new shows ("Men in Trees" and the Americanized "Life on Mars"), but he's so damn likeable. Stephen Lang is much like his character in Avatar, but that's what he does best. This time around he's on the good side as Commander Taylor. New crush, Dean Geyer who upon research found out that he was an Australian Idol. That's right. Still cute. I'm not however a big fan of the son, Josh. Guess the juvenile, spiteful behavior of a typical teenage boy isn't appealing to me.

3. Christine Adams. As Mira, Adams is leader of the Sixes which is a renegade group surviving outside the settlement. In the one major scene she had, she was powerful and engaging. I get the feeling being anything else is out of the question for Christine. I remember her most as the cold sister-wife of Joel McHale's character in a single episode of "Pushing Daisies". That's how memorable she was. Being a badass leader will be a home run for her.

4. The action/suspense. I'm not a fan of horror, but everyone likes a little suspense. They did a pretty good job or keeping me on the edge of my seat. I'll even go so far as to say, they could save some bucks and show the dinos even less. What you can't see, scares you more. All in all the pacing was good. Hope they can keep it up in 42 minute episodes.

5. The mystery. There is strange gold writing or equations on the walls near some waterfalls. Commander Taylor and the Sixes know it's there and they want to keep it secret. Does this mean other humans have been there? From another time? What does it mean???!!!! Can't wait to find out....as long as it doesn't take six seasons or the show gets cancelled before all is revealed.

You can watch the first episode at www.fox.com or even OnDemand. Finally! Fox is OnDemand (for me at least). Episode two will air Monday at 8pm, just before the premiere of "House", which is also going to be A...wait for it.....MAZING!

Did you watch? What did you think?