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Monday, October 10, 2011

Do You Feel "Enlightened"?

Mike White and Laura Dern are co-creators of the latest HBO comedy "Enlightened". Dern plays an executive in the health and beauty industry who after having an affair with her boss, has a super embarrassing meltdown in the office. Broken Amy Jellicoe heads to Hawaii where she learns to meditate and swim with sea turtles. Cut to three months later and Amy is blackmailing her way back into her old company...with the best of intentions.

Luke Wilson is Levi, Amy's drug addicted ex-husband. It seems that despite the divorce, Amy and Levi still have some sort of relationship...but she draws the line at snorting blow on the coffee table. This should be good. Her slightly cold and distant mom is played by Dern's real life mother, Diane Ladd. Imagine the possible drama on that set. Amy is staying at her mom's while she gets herself back on her feet. I love everything about the house from the rainbow painting in the living room to the plastic plants and fake grass.

So, Amy is back at work. Will her co-workers be able to tolerate the new her? It will be fun tuning in to see. I really enjoyed it. A breakdown is almost always amusing and Amy's was particularly so. If you don't believe me, just look at the billboards and bus banners documenting the worst day of her life (or just scroll up). The premiere was well written by and directed by Mike White. The score, written by veteran composer Mark Mothersbaugh was terrific. Light, yet soulful. Plus, they use the Regina Spektor song Human of the Year. Very nice. The best part about it is that Amy is relatable. She's real. There have been days where I've felt like I was on the edge. The same edge that Amy jumped/fell from. Wonder if I would have come back as the picture of tranquility. Probably not.

Check out "Enlightened", Mondays at 9:30 on HBO, right after "Bored to Death".

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