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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Five Reasons I like "Terra Nova" (So far...)

Finally got a chance to catch up with the pilot of "Terra Nova". Monday nights are gonna be packed this fall, however you should check out this new series. If you haven't seen it, Earth is dying. Scientists find a fracture in time and a new settlement is created 85 million years in the past. Sounds stupid, but I really enjoyed it, much to my surprise. Here's why...

1. Gorgeously shot in Australia, this series is stunning to the eye. No expense was spared in the multi multi muliti million dollar pilot (they're saying upwards of $20 mil). Risky, but if the story grabs us, it could my visual substitute for "Lost".

2. The men. Love Jason O'Mara. He doesn't have the best luck with new shows ("Men in Trees" and the Americanized "Life on Mars"), but he's so damn likeable. Stephen Lang is much like his character in Avatar, but that's what he does best. This time around he's on the good side as Commander Taylor. New crush, Dean Geyer who upon research found out that he was an Australian Idol. That's right. Still cute. I'm not however a big fan of the son, Josh. Guess the juvenile, spiteful behavior of a typical teenage boy isn't appealing to me.

3. Christine Adams. As Mira, Adams is leader of the Sixes which is a renegade group surviving outside the settlement. In the one major scene she had, she was powerful and engaging. I get the feeling being anything else is out of the question for Christine. I remember her most as the cold sister-wife of Joel McHale's character in a single episode of "Pushing Daisies". That's how memorable she was. Being a badass leader will be a home run for her.

4. The action/suspense. I'm not a fan of horror, but everyone likes a little suspense. They did a pretty good job or keeping me on the edge of my seat. I'll even go so far as to say, they could save some bucks and show the dinos even less. What you can't see, scares you more. All in all the pacing was good. Hope they can keep it up in 42 minute episodes.

5. The mystery. There is strange gold writing or equations on the walls near some waterfalls. Commander Taylor and the Sixes know it's there and they want to keep it secret. Does this mean other humans have been there? From another time? What does it mean???!!!! Can't wait to find out....as long as it doesn't take six seasons or the show gets cancelled before all is revealed.

You can watch the first episode at www.fox.com or even OnDemand. Finally! Fox is OnDemand (for me at least). Episode two will air Monday at 8pm, just before the premiere of "House", which is also going to be A...wait for it.....MAZING!

Did you watch? What did you think?

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