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Sunday, October 9, 2011

See the Original After the Failed Remake- Free Agents

On Saturday night, BBC America premiered the original "Free Agents" on which the recently cancelled American version was based. The pilot was nearly the exact same script swapping out the overly British-y words and phrases for ones Americans who don't watch BBC can understand. The original is far more dirty than the remake (and the remake was pretty filthy for NBC standards). I thought the Americanized series was ok, it had potential. Now that I've seen the original, I've realized that it's somewhat better. The only problem is that there are so many words (curse and those I don't consider to be) bleeped out. At times, it's distracting as the characters tend to spew foul comment after foul comment.

Freshly divorced and chronic crier Alex is played by Stephen Mangan who most recently was seen as in Showtime's "Episodes". Ironic that in "Episodes" he was British television writer adapting his show for an American audience only to have it suck? That's funny because as mentioned above, the American version of "Free Agents" was cancelled after only 3 eps aired.

His coworker and "bed buddy" (this is a clean blog, people) is Helen, fellow talent agent at CMA. Irish actress Sharon Horgan is a grieving fiancee attempting to drink her way through the pain of her young betrothed's death.

Anthony Head (Giles to you "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fans) is Alex and Helen's sexually charged boss Stephen. Frankly it's a miracle that he hasn't been sued for harassment with his behavior, but makes for funny television. Head even reprised his role in the American production. Hope he didn't sign a lease.

The opening titles are cute and the main characters have good (not great) chemistry. Unfortunately, the supporting characters are not as humorous as their American counterparts. If you like the NBC show, give this one a try. It's not a huge commitment since the U.K. original only lasts one season which is six episodes (average length of a British season or series as they call it). So, I'll keep watching as it's a total 3 hours out of my life and there are a few laughs, but the first two episodes didn't blow me away. Not sure if the more recent go of it affected my judgement though.

Saturdays at 11pm on BBC America. Part of the Ministry of Laughs.

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