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Monday, November 28, 2011

Television + Me = True Love

Last night was a great night for television. Traditionally, Thursdays have been the must see night, but Sunday has kicked Thursday's ass in the last few years and especially this season.

What would we do without DVR, VOD and East Coast feeds (thank you Buddha for the East Coast feeds!). Last night, I was able to watch "Dexter", "Boardwalk Empire", "Homeland", and "The Walking Dead" all of which had some major moments, some of them squeal worthy. I've got it down to a science these days. DVR the EST showings of the premium cable series and watch back to back. By the time you're finished it's time for some AMC, sometimes TNT, occasionally FX (but that's usually on Tuesdays). Within 24 hours, you can watch four, five series all airing in the same time slot depending on your viewing device preference. Beats the hell out of the days when you just missed it altogether or had to fiddle with your VCR to tape one show at a time and you better be sure there's no overlap. Oh, what's a VCR you ask? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videocassette_recorder

So what's her point, you may be asking yourself? Well, there's some great television being made right now and you can watch (and therefore appreciate) a lot of it all at once thanks to technology. If you want it, the content is there and it's actually good, nay great/super/amazing/marvelous/enter your positive adjective here.

You might not share my fondness for zombies, affection for serial killers, "respect" yes in quotes, for gangsters or curiosity in terrorists, but there is well written drama on the air and yes, mostly on premium and cable networks willing to take chances. Best possible example I can give you from the last three months, FX's biker tragedy "Sons of Anarchy". I tread lightly as you know if you follow creator Kurt Sutter's Twitter feed that he's not a fan of TV bloggers. But he shouldn't have a problem with me as I don't have a single negative thing to say. "Sons" is so superbly written that I literally go into series withdrawal between seasons. I know. I have a problem. Unfortunately I don't know of any TV rehabs or if I'd even want to go. One of the things I was thankful for this past Thursday (and all year long) is that there are terrific stories being told and I get to watch them. This is what gets my juices flowing.

The morning after a phenomenal episode, I can't wait to talk about it and share that excitement with someone that will geek out as hard as I do. AMC understood this need and gave us "Talking Dead", a panel show to discuss each ep of their record setting hit series "The Walking Dead". Chris Hardwick is the cute, skinny, male version of me flipping out about any of my favorite shows. The difference, he's on TV and gets zombie ear necklaces from Greg Nicotero (JEALOUS!!!!). Ok...there's probably a few other differences too. If only I could have panel discussions every day with the creators/writers/stars/fans of shows I love. We could start out with once a week too, that's cool. I can make it work. Anywaaaaayyy....I suppose I should wrap this up. If you've ever spoken to me in person you know that I could go on for days but I'll leave you with this....

There is an abundance of Great (with a capital G) television out there right now and you can see it all if you want to. If you need suggestions on where to start, drop me an email and I'll give you a couple dozen recommendations or a refined list based on your taste. That's right, I'm a matchmaker too (but don't expect to see any reality shows on that list. They are my Kryptonite).

Happy viewing my friends

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