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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh, How I Love the Dire Wolf

I was maybe ten minutes into the second episode of "Game of Thrones" when I thought, it scares me how much I love this show already. I suppose that's a good sign. It was picked up after only one episode aired. So HBO agrees with me. Here are a few of the things I love about it....

*The relationship between Ned and his bastard son Jon Snow. How many soldiers bring their bastards home, raise them with their legitimate children and show them such love?

*The relationship Jon Snow and his younger siblings. It's such a pure brotherly love and children don't see legitimacy or not.

*The relationship between the King and Ned. The King has great respect for Ned and doesn't treat him as a lowly subject, but as an equal that just doesn't have a crown.

*Tyrion's insights into his family and the world for that matter. His dwarf-ness has given him a great perspective and he uses it.

*Despite the fact that Daenarys was pretty much sold to a barbarian by her brother, she's already learning how to take some power back. It may come little at a time, but I have hope that she'll figure out how

*The fantastical element that hasn't really show itself yet, but it's there.

Are you watching? Tell me what you like about HBO's new hit?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Burn Notice" Makes a Movie.....About Sam!

Two people that make me smile when I see their names in the credits. One you probably know, the other you probably don't. Bruce Campbell, yes he was once the Old Spice Man and RonReaco Lee. The latter was one of my favorite reoccurring guest stars on "The Shield". I always hoped that he was the real father of Danni's kid. Anyway, back to why I'm writing. Tonight was the premiere of the "Burn Notice" prequel movie, "The Fall of Sam Axe"!!!!

The movie tells the tale of how Sam Axe was discharged from the Navy Seals and became a rogue spy operative with Michael and Fi. We've heard bits an pieces over the last four seasons of his missions and antics in Colombia, so it was only natural we get the full story. I have to say, Bruce looks very handsome in Navy whites, but I'm partial to his Hawaiian shirts.

Commander Axe is assigned to work with the military in Columbia. They are tracking down a terrorist organization which plans to bomb a local clinic. When Sam figures out that the Colombian Colonel that he's working with intends to kill him and bomb the clinic himself, he risks his life to save everyone inside. RonReaco is the ethical/cute doctor. Along with an aid worker, an orphaned teenage girl and a band of goat herder/terrorists, they fight the corrupt military.

Creator Matt Nix wrote the script and Michael Weston himself, Jeffrey Donovan directs. It had that "Burn Notice" feeling, but something was missing. Michael's voice over in the series works because he's helping us understand what he's doing. He's teaching us cool spy stuff. In this case, Sam's just recalling what's already happened in a Naval briefing. I'd rather they did without it.

All in all, it was ok. Better than the "24" movie. It was cool to see how Sam got kicked out of the Seals and picked up the alias Chuck Finley. Good ol' Chuck. There will be several encores this week and I'm sure you can catch the movie OnDemand soon. Can't wait to see new episodes of "Burn Notice" this June on USA.

"Game of Thrones" Wins Me Over

Tonight was the premiere of yet another epic period series by HBO, "Game of Thrones". If anyone's going to attempt it, it should be a channel with wads of money. So thank you HBO. I've never read the series of novels the show is based on, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, but I hear they are quite enthralling. There is a very large cast spanning several noble families all vying for the Iron Throne. Despite repeated googling, I figure out what time period it takes place in. My best guess is early A.D. If you know, please leave in the comments as it drives me bonkers not knowing the details.

The main family is The Stark House, led by Sean Bean as Eddard "Ned" Stark. He's got a loving wife, five children and a gorgeous, curly haired bastard son. We also meet the current King, Baratheon played by Mark Addy. I like him better in A Knight's Tale than in that horrible sitcom he did. He's married to a woman who's doing naughty things with her hot twin brother...ick while their dwarf younger bro is working his way through the local brothel. We learn that Stark's sister was once married to Baratheon and now to keep the families joined, they must form a marriage through their children. Off in another, much warmer place, we meet the pale creepy, also incestuous Targaryen siblings. They've been exiled and are forming a marriage with a barbarian king who possesses an army to get their crown back. Pepper in some loyal servants and friends and you've got the international cast of "Game of Throne".

The violence is a plenty. If you have a weak stomach, I suggest you find something else to watch on Sunday nights. Whatever time period this is, it's one where rulers dispense their own justice and those believing their mission is noble, will hack off limbs to prove it. Not only do our characters have each other to fear, but the mysterious and deadly White Walkers that lurk in the woods during snowfall.

I'm definitely interested. There's potential and the cast is great. Wasn't too happy with the opening titles though. As creative as they tried to be, I couldn't read the thin font and the names moved too quickly. High hopes are to be had for scandal, violence and political intrigue. If you're a fan of historical fiction, fantasy or ancient royalty, check it out.

Sundays at 9pm on HBO

Stay Tuned.....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

AMC Brings The Drama....Again. TNT's Getting a Run For Their Money

AMC has had hits with “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead”, so what’s next you ask? A murder mystery of course. Tonight was the premiere of “The Killing”. It’s a series based on a Danish one. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve realized that some f-ed up stuff happens in those Nordic countries. Just watch Wallander if you don’t believe me.

Rosie Larsen has gone missing and it’s not long before the police find her body in the trunk of a car, at the bottom of a lake. It just so happens that the car belongs to the campaign of a mayoral candidate. Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) is a single mom/Seattle police detective assigned to the case even though she’s supposed to be leaving town to marry one of my favorite Canadias, Callum Keith Rennie. Hope he stays on the show. Stephen Holder (Swede Joel Kinnaman) has been assigned to replace her, fresh off his undercover narcotics detail. As cute as he is, he’s a bit of a dick.

Rosie’s parents Mitch and Stan are played by Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton, two strong actors portraying grieving parents. Their performance when they find out their eldest child is dead is heart wrenching. Rosie’s Aunt Terry is played by my favorite former Shield crackwhore Jamie Anne Allman (Connie to my fellow Shield fans). Rosie’s got two younger brothers, who Mitch and Stan are trying to protect from this horrible tragedy.

Billy Campbell returns as yet another shady character. He’s mayoral candidate Darren Richmond and somehow, he’s tied to Rosie’s murder. His lackeys also seem pretty suspicious to me.

I think this show has potential, of course for a limited time. They have to catch the killer sometime, right? It was beautifully shot and acted. Even the music was perfectly paired. The pacing kept me interested and story kept me wanting more. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week.

Stay Tuned…Sundays at 10pm. Catch an encore of the pilot next Sunday at 9pm just before the next ep.

It's Time to Kiss the Ring with "The Borgias"

After nearly a year of teasers, Showtime finally premiered the heir to “The Tudors”. The fifteenth century crime drama follows “The Borgias”. If you’re a fan of The Godfather saga, you might want to check it out, as this is the family Mario Puzo based the Corleones on.

Rodrigo Borgia is portrayed by Jeremy Irons who is quite intense and a little frightening as the family patriarch/nearly crowned Pope Alexander XI. Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for the clergy to have children. Rodrigo had four. Cesare is Mr. Smarty Pants, which is why Papa wants him close as a Cardinal. Juan, although the oldest is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but does carry one as a soldier. Lucrezia is the pretty, but dim witted daughter and Gioffre, well it’s too early to tell what he is.

The first episode (can we really call it a pilot when Showtime green lights a show?) chronicles the days when Rodrigo becomes Alexander and how his sons assist in the corrupt election. It’s pretty obvious that Cesare is Michael Corleone. He does some does and covers up so bad bad things in the few months it takes his dad to become Pope. The big man isn’t so pious himself. Aside from having four children while a man of the cloth, then shunning their mother when he gets the big funny hat, he takes on a new mistress.

So what have we got? Gorgeous period costumes. Check. Lavish sets. Check. Intense actors. Check. Storylines of nepotism, adultery, simony, murder, betrayal, and yes some incest. Check. The question is whether or not it will turn into something we actually want to watch. For me, it’s yet to be decided. I get the feeling that we could have a “Mad Men” /“The Tudors” situation on our hands. It all looks good, but feels so slow. In the end, the story is great, but I watch the clock getting there. Unfortunately, there aren’t quite as many beautiful, young people as King Henry’s court had. Jeremy Irons is terrific, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ body, he has not. I didn’t like Cesare at the beginning, but I have to say that by the end, he’d grown on me, except for the whole incest thing. That creeps me out. Anyway…..I’ll give it a few episodes.

Stay Tuned…..

Sundays at 9pm on Showtime

P.S. What are your favorite period shows?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"CHAOS" - An Aptly Titled New Series

Last night, CBS’s new spy show premiered. CHAOS follows the four members of the ODS division of the CIA. Yes, there are many acronyms in this show, but it’s worth it. I have to say, I was hooked in the first 10 mins. Brett Ratner directed the pilot written by veteran television writer Tom Spezialy. Needless to say there were no problems with pacing.

It’s Rick Martinez’s first day at the agency. First he’s mistaken for a terrorist, then told his job has been cut and finally placed as a mole on the team the director has it in for. His new spy buddies are less than cordial to him at first. Freddy Rodriguez of "Six Feet Under" is fresh faced Martinez. Team leader is Michael Dorset played by Eric Close (“Without a Trace”). He’s been working with Casey Malkin and Billy Collins for “six glorious years”, so they’re kinda close. Tim Blake Nelson (Oh Brother Where Art Though) is Casey, also known as the human weapon. Looks can be deceiving. Spezialy added a little Scotch with James Murray as Billy Collins, the de-commissioned British spy. If you’re a BBC fan like me, you’ll recognize him from “Primeval”. He was such a quiet Brit in that show, but I quite like the over the top Scotsman he plays here.

In their first real mission with newbie Martinez, the team disobeys orders and takes it upon themselves to save an American citizen held hostage in Sudan. Rick quickly learns that he hasn’t prepared himself quite as well as he thought he did, but he’s got spirit and determination. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is far too trusting for CIA operative. This is part of what makes this show light and fun, yet still entertaining.

It’s just too bad that CBS gave it the timeslot of death, Friday at 8pm. I’m sure it’ll get the older crowd as you’ve got good looking rogue G-Men making trouble on CBS, but I’m hoping more people will DVR it if you’re not at home on a Friday night like me. In a word ……it’s fun. Check it out. The pilot is available on the website...


Stay tuned….Fridays at 8pm on CBS

P.S. Use the name generator on their website to find out what your code name is. Mine is Lone Wolf. Status: Rogue Agent. Security Clearance Level: 5.

P.P.S. What are some of your other favorite spy shows?