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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ten Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite TV Fanatic

It's that magical time of year again when we buy stuff for each other to prove how much we care. Here are some fun gifts for TV lovers that have the exact same taste that I do!

"Archer" - ISIS Business Card Case - $17.95
Want people to know you're a super awesome, super secret agent without giving away national secrets? Then you need the ISIS Business Card Case. Be sure to keep it stocked for all your networking events. You never know when you'll need to slip your number to the hottie at the bar/fellow clandestine operative.

"Dexter" - Glass Coasters (set of 6) - $23.99
If you're anything like Dexter Morgan, you hate messes. Keep the water rings off your tables with these super cool blood spatter glass coasters complete with trophy case. Great for Dexter viewing parties and conversation starters for when Grandma visits.
 "Falling Skies" - 2nd Mass Water Bottle - $19.95
You sure can get thirsty when you're hiking down the East Coast after the alien invasion or even around Runyon Canyon. Show your support for the resistance by drinking all your beverages from the official 2nd Mass Water Bottle.

"Game of Thrones" - Sword Letter Opener - $19.99
Open your mail in style, whether you're the King of the North or a banished Targaryen Princess. Also comes in handy if you're attacked by a Lannister in your study. Always be prepared.

"The IT Crowd" - T-Shirt - $21.99
The only item on this list from a show not currently on the air, but hey, I just discovered it this year. So many great quote t-shirts. Others favorites on Cafe Press include "Memory IS RAM", "Have you tried turning it off and on again?", "I came here to drink milk and kick ass, and I just finished my milk". Nothing clever here, just a plug for this hilarious British show that is streaming on Netflix and other places I'm sure. My best discovery of the year.

"Nashville" - Original Soundtrack - $12.98 
*Released on Dec. 11th
Enjoying this show was the biggest shocker of the year for me. You couldn't pay me a million dollars to listen to twangy country music, but there is something brilliant in the music of T-Bone Burnett that attracts even the biggest of country haters. Beautiful songs by all contributors.

"Parks & Rec" - Lil' Sebastian Plush - $19.00
If you're still grieving the loss of Pawnee's favorite pony, remember him with this plush toy. Almost life size!
"Sherlock" - I AM SHERLOCKED iPhone Case - $15.00
Not only am I Sherlocked, much like Irene Adler, but I'm Cumberbatched. We, in the States may have to wait til 2014 for the next installment, but don't you want a daily reminder? To show your devotion to the surly sleuth from the other side of the pond, you'd encase your device with no other, obviously. 
"Sons of Anarchy" - Reaper Crew Hoodie - $59.95
Ok, so maybe you can't pull off walking around town wearing a cut, but you can still look like a Son with one of these awesome Reaper Crew Hoodies....just like Jax wears ; ) Start bleaching your sneakers and dig out that old bandana, you're SAMCRO now!
"The Walking Dead" - T-Shirt - $27.99
Who wouldn't take advice from Daryl Dixon during the zombie apocalypse? All the men want to be him. All the ladies want to clean his crossbow. If you want to survive a herd of walkers, Keep Calm and Carry a Crossbow. Check out all the great T-Shirts like, "Walker Bait", "What Would Daryl Dixon Do?", and "Where's Merle?". 

***BONUS*** A free gift for you just for playing along.
Downton Abbey Paper Dolls! 
You may have seen these already, but I just found them the other day. Print out for hours of fun with the Dowager Countess, Ladies Sybil & Mary, Matthew Crawley, O'Brien and that bastard Thomas. Reenact scenes from seasons one and two while we anxiously await the January premiere of season three!
Wait....was that Mr. Pamuk?

Feel free to add your suggestions.

Happy Holidays!

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