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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Following is Fan-Flippin'-Tastic! You Should Be Watching

Hands down, my favorite new show of the winter season is "The Following" starring Mr. Kevin Bacon himself. Why should I watch, you might ask. I'll tell you. Week after week (there have been 8 so far) I am on the edge of my seat. "The Following" has the intensity and suspense of "24" and the deranged, albeit brilliant writing chops of "Luther". This psychological thriller was created by Kevin Williamson. Yes..... "Dawson's Creek" Kevin Williamson, but remember he did the Scream movies too. Trust me, this is no "Dawson's Creek". In a time of DVRs, online streaming and next day viewing, this is one to watch live.

Bacon plays Ryan Hardy, the former FBI agent that took down Professor and serial killer Joe Carroll. His specialty? The macabre writings of Edgar Allan Poe of course. During his years in prison, Joe has acquired followers, equally damaged and demented people that want.... no, need to kill. You might think, it must be hard to recruit cult members from inside a prison cell. Apparently, if you are charming and seductive enough........ and have a sexy British accent, it can be done. Knowing that these soldiers are out there killing on his behalf almost seems as satisfying to Joe as committing the murders himself. But to a man that is passionate about death, how long can that last? Well, we're only in the beginning stages of a grand plan. And yes, I can see this going on many exciting seasons. I mean come on, no one thought "24" last as long as it did and there at least 4-5 (debatably) really good seasons.

When the followers are set in motion, Hardy is brought back to the FBI as a consultant to connect Carroll to the crimes and stop them. He's teamed with cult expert Debra Parker and a keen young agent that's read everything there is to know on the Joe Carroll case, including Hardy's tell-all.

Ryan Hardy's involvement with the original investigation was complicated.  He's obviously been destroyed by it mentally, physically and emotionally. Ryan's deep connection to Joe's wife Claire (Natalie Zea) during the trial  led to a brief affair. Despite the love between them, Ryan knew that he'd be a reminder of the monster in their family and ended things. After Ryan left and with her husband incarcerated, Claire was left to raise young Joey Jr. alone.

Or was she? Joe has followers everywhere, especially watching over his beloved family. With each episode, we see a little more of how big this network of psychopaths really is. They seem like you and me. Normal....but they're not. They've been lying in wait. Some of them, for years. And now the plan is unfolding. I'll watch through my fingers covering my face, but I have to know what happens. It's gruesome. It's shocking. It's thrilling. It's heart-poundingly great television. I guarantee at least one gasp every episode.

I watch so much on cable and premium channels these days. It's great to see that a Network will air something that pushes the envelope a little. The places this show goes, it doesn't feel like a Network playing it safe. So, it's not for you if you're looking for another "NCIS", but you probably figured that out by now.

Please accept my sincerest of apologies for not telling you about how amazing this show is from the very first week. I knew it then. Seriously, watch it! After the pilot, you'll be hooked. Or completely disgusted and never read this blog again.

You can catch up from the beginning on Hulu Plus. Fox.com and OnDemand only post the last few episodes. Boo on them : (

Mondays at 9pm on Fox

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