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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Fresh Meat" is a Must See *Hulu Plus Exclusive Series*

Remember freshman year of college? Did you ever feel like you were fresh meat for the grinder? I'm pretty sure it's a universal feeling. So did Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, creators of "Fresh Meat". When the much favored dormitory halls are full, the overflow are stuck in off campus accommodations, which is sometimes a run down old house with weirdos living in it. Such is the case for these six, bright eyed young uni students in Manchester, England (over there, they call college uni. Learn the lingo people). Not to worry, despite all the quirks, awkwardness and bed hopping, this group of scholars bond and become the best of friends.....sort of.

Meet the fresh meat.

Jack Whitehall is Jonathan "JP" Pembersley, the poshest man in the house. When he's not knee deep in his geology studies, JP enjoys attempting to seduce the ladies with his poshness, talking about how much money he has, and basically being the most arrogant a$$hole in the room. I guess that's what happens when you've got Daddy's money and no direction in life. Every now and then, JP shows his heart of gold. Of course, it's usually when there's something in it for him. That being said, he sort of grows on you.

Kimberley Nixon is pretty and proper dental student, Josie Jones. She may look like a good girl, study for her exams and say all the right things to the parents, but this chic knows how to party. She arrives at uni on a mission to be adventurous, but ties back in Wales leave her conflicted in season one. Especially considering she sleeps with more than one housemate....but you'll have to figure out which ; ) I sort of want her to be my best friend.

Joe Thomas (who you might recognize as Simon from "The Inbetweeners" if you ever watch the Brit comedies I tell you to) is Kingsley Owen aka Kings aka K-Man aka The Pussy Man. If he's not out growing his soul patch, he might be found in his room writing and playing music (if you can call it that). When Kingsley arrives at uni, he wants to impress girls so much that he even changes majors from geology to drama. Could that end any other way, but horribly embarrassing? I heart Simon....I mean Kingsley.

JP isn't the only Posh in the house. Charlotte Ritchie plays our favorite hipster wannabe Melissa "Oregon" Shawcross. When she isn't dying her hair weird colors, shopping for old hippy clothes or trying to fit in with her common housemates, this literary student lowers her self esteem by sleeping with her professor. It's really his wife that she has a crush on (but only in an intellectual way of course. but she's cool with girl on girl. you know whatever. she's cool. )

Greg McHugh plays the most unusual of housemates, Howard MacCallum. Geology is his life. No seriously. Dude doesn't leave the house unless it's to go  to class or work at the abbattoir (fancy word for slaughterhouse in case you didn't know. It's ok, I didn't know). He's socially inept and incapable of lying, especially to spare someone's feelings. He may freak you out, but you always know where you stand with Howard. Good ol' creep-o Howard.

If there is one person you don't want to mess with at Manchester Medlock University, it's Violet "Vod" Nordstrom. This girl will F you up. Vod is an English major, at least that's what her transcript says. Her extracurricular activities include shagging in the pub toilet, crashing fancy parties and getting so high that she forgets her own name. When you're looking for someone to support you as you're about to do something incredibly stupid, Vod's your girl.

Liquor is drunk, pot is smoked, and property is destroyed. Fun is had by all. It's the college experience. Ok, so it wasn't my college experience, but now I can live vicariously through these characters who are all equal parts cool and lame. Laugh til it hurts while you regret not having a crazier college experience. Is that just me?

Check out this preview of Fresh Meat

All 16 episodes of seasons 1 & 2 are  on Hulu Plus. Let the marathon begin!
(It got renewed for season 3, but who knows when we'll get it. Hopefully by early next year.)

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