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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Misfits is a Perfect Fit *Hulu Exclusive Series*

Imagine that you're young and stupid and committed some idiotic crime. Not big enough to get you thrown in jail, but bad enough to get saddled with community service. And you have to wear the ugly orange jumpsuit. Now imagine that there is a crazy storm and after it, you've got some weird super power. Oh and your probation worker is trying to kill you. That's pretty much the premise for one of the funnest Hulu exclusive series "Misfits". These are not your average Marvel or DC super heroes. They are foul mouthed, immature juvenile delinquents with supernatural abilities. I cannot emphasize the "foul mouthed" part enough. This show is not for younger viewers. Why don't we meet the League of Misfits, shall we?

Curtis Donovan was on his way to becoming an Olympic runner when he got busted for drugs, but it was his girlfriend who really took the fall. She's doing hard time for intent to sell when she was only holding for Curtis.  Now, he spends his days feeling sorry for himself and picking up litter. Until the storm that is. Curtis' super power is that he can turn back time. But can he make things better the second go around? This could be a really cool power if you could control when to use it and are smart enough not to make things worse. Otherwise you're spending your days going back to the night before.

Alisha Daniels is your classic party girl. She likes to have a good time. Some nights, that means getting loaded and then getting behind the wheel. Just because she's donning an orange jumpsuit these days, doesn't mean she's gone straight (and girl knows how to accessorize a jumpsuit). She still gets her kicks between scrubbing graffiti off walls and picking up dog poop. What did those lightening bolts infuse Alisha with? Why the power to make anyone she touches want to have sex with her, that's what. Is that the must rubbish power you've ever heard of? Seriously.

Nathan Young, the adorable, curly headed Irish scamp. He has the dirtiest mouth I've ever heard. And yet, I like it. Always trying to lighten the mood. Whenever the others ask what he's doing time for, he says he just sampled a bit of Pick-n-Mix (what they call loose candy across the pond). After the storm, no one is quite sure what Nathan's power is, including Nathan. By the end of season one, you'll find out. And it's quite a handy power. No spoilers here.

Kelly Bailey is a girl that you should be afraid of, even if you are a 300 lb male body builder. She's got that bad girl look. Hair scraped back, too much make-up, clothes that are 2 sizes too small (except when she's in the jumpsuit) and she won't hesitate to punch you in the face for looking at her sideways. Big surprise that she got pinched for fighting another girl. After the storm, Kelly got a power that sounds great, but turns out not so much. She can hear what other people are thinking. Granted, it's handy when your life is in danger and your mates can communicate with you silently, but who really wants to know what people truly think of them, but won't say to your face? It could do some major damage to your self esteem.

Simon Bellamy totally seems like the weird kid that murdered his parents and buried them in the basement....at first. Once you get to know him and understand why he's a little off, you really grow to love him. I did. Simon is my favorite. He's carrying the trash picker for trying (and failing) to get revenge on the bully next door. Once the winds settled, Simon was left with an awesome power...the power of invisibility. It's not just convenient for stalkers. It's an everyday power. He's also the character that grows the most throughout the series. Initially, Simon was meant to be a villain, but spoiler alert! He became a fan favorite and remains a good guy. #TeamSimon

Our little group of criminal offenders aren't the only ones that came out of that storm with supernatural powers. They do seem to be the only ones that are using them for good or at least not hurting people with them. That is, when they aren't killing their probation officers who seem to drop like flies. It's not their fault!

With this concept, the product could have easily been cheesy, but it's not. Creator Howard Overman makes it fun, funny and engaging. The score is very superhero-y, the effects are pretty good and most of all the characters are likeable or at least somewhat relatable...well redeemable anyway. By the end, you empathize with this gang of delinquents. There's more to them than their rap sheets, but it does get pretty violent.  At least they're the good guys.

Check it out the first four seasons on Hulu Plus/misfits. Season five airs this fall in the UK, hopefully on Hulu Plus soon after.

*Watch the Guided Tour to see all that Hulu Plus has to offer besides this awesome show. Subscriptions are only $7.99/month and you get free week to try it out. I'll keep blogging about my favorite exclusive content that you can't see anywhere else. Hulu is NOT paying me for this, but if you'd like them to, go ahead and send an email ; ) I'm not opposed.

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