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Monday, April 1, 2013

My New Obsession is Hulu Plus (and I May Need a Support Group)

 As a devoted television fan, I watch most of my new content on the good ol' boob tube and have been discovering older series through Netflix streaming....until now. Recently, I signed up for Hulu Plus and let me tell you, it's A-Frakin'-Mazing! *Before you think to yourself, this girl must be getting paid by them, the answer is NO WAY JOSE! I'm just a TV fan whose eyes were opened.* Hulu Plus has got a handful of original series and about thirty that are exclusively streaming in the U.S. on Hulu.com (many of them British, so ya know I'm in heaven) on top of shows that are currently airing on television.  I've used the site before to catch up on things that I've forgotten to DVR, but I had no idea the extent of their collection. It's quite impressive. In addition to the plethora of television episodes, they've got movies which I hadn't realized, including the entire Criterion Collection. That's over 800 films alone!

I've spent the last couple of weeks holed up marathoning some really great series, which I'd like to share with you fine folks. Kicking it off,  Hulu's first incursion into original programming - Battleground.

This mockumentary follows the staffers of a U.S. Senate campaign in Wisconsin. Some say that mockumentaries are overdone and stale, but I think that it's become a style in its own.  It's no knock off. This show really grabbed me. Campaign manager, Tak Davis is wonderfully cast in Jay Hayden (that guy from the AT&T commercial that sees his life flash before his eyes). Tak is aided by his head of media strategy (it's complicated), speechwriter (best friend), social media specialist (jaded w/ a mean sense of humor) &  volunteers (fresh meat) and burdened with the candidate's stepson (a man stupider than Dwight Shrute). There are talking head interviews with some of the staffers as we look back to the four weeks preceding the election, with Democratic candidate Samuels as the underdog. In the course of thirteen episodes, I really connected with these characters, some of which have history and some that are beginning new relationships. The description "dramedy" is not one that I like to use, but this kinda of is. There are some very tender moments, but not to be overshadowed by the witty ones. Don't worry, no dead bodies. It's not that kind of drama. I know, it's rare for me to watch a show without corpses, but hey, gotta change it up now and then. Most of all, it felt hopeful. Obviously with a show about an election, there's a clear goal. I was rooting our rag tag team of misfits the whole way through, mostly due to the strong writing and performances. Even the score was great. As someone that doesn't get into politics all that much, I sure liked watching a show about it and can't wait for season two (fingers crossed they get one).  I highly recommend Hulu's first Original Series - Battleground.

Check out the Trailer.

Watch all thirteen episodes on Hulu Plus. They offer one free week to try it out. If you're still not sure, just wait until I tell you about the other shows I've been watching on Hulu Plus.

Stay tuned....

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