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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pramface Couldn't be More Likeable if it Tried *Hulu Exclusive Series*

Meet Jamie, an adorable, fresh faced boy from a nice working class family. Like any sixteen year old boy, Jamie's biggest goal in life is to lose his virginity. Enter Laura, an eighteen year old middle class girl who tries to forget how much she hates her dysfunctional parents by getting drunk at a party. Laura's college plans could be put on hold when that one cherry popping/statutory rape-y night turns into a cross-class unplanned pregnancy. 

Despite Laura's snobbish attitude and utter disgust at having slept with a man-child, Jamie won't give up on being there for her, whatever she decides. He's possibly the most mature sixteen year old boy ever to walk the earth. Spoiler alert! She keeps the baby. It's kinda the premise of the show.

So on one side of the ring, you've got darling Jamie and his hard working, salt of the earth parents who raised him right (ya know, except for the knocking up a teenage girl thing). On the other.....Laura and her well-off, unhappily married mother and father who can barely stand to be in the same room together. When the battle for this baby begins, there will be blows.

Each installment of the six episode first season catches up with Laura, Jamie and family at a different point in the pregnancy. The Brits go with the less is more approach, but with a show this charming, endearing and funny-cause-it-happens, I'd love to see a much longer season. Not only do you have the moments of inadequacy for these soon to be parents and the awkwardness of their undefined relationship, but between their families and friends you've got a whole slew of crazy characters.

If you're looking for an uproarious comedy that is also delightful, hopeful and relatable, check out all six episodes of "Pramface" Season 1 on Hulu Plus/pramface

Season 2 just aired on BBC 3 earlier this year, so hopefully we'll see it on Hulu Plus soon.

Give the PROMO a gander, I promise you'll like it.

*Watch the Guided Tour to see all that Hulu Plus has to offer besides this awesome show. Subscriptions are only $7.99/month and you get free week to try it out. I'll keep blogging about my favorite exclusive content that you can't see anywhere else. Hulu is NOT paying me for this, but if you'd like them to, go ahead and send an email ; ) I'm not opposed. 

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